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Trust in Timing

Trust in Timing

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The wind stirs. The oak leaves begin to chatter as they are loosened from their branches. They twirl downward, casting sunlit sparkles in the air. A leaf lands on a blade of grass. The thin stalk is pushed to the ground. A passing ant crawls up its length and onto the leaf. The wind lifts it with the ant through the air to land in a nearby stream. Together they float with the current until drifting into a lily pad. 

The ant steps onto the lily pad where another ant of like kind resides. The two ants partner up and continue their journeys’ together. The universe is being conducted in a harmonious synchronicity that we humans remain mostly clueless to. That is until something shakes us up and stops us in our tracks. When you have a knowing that all things happen in perfect rhythm there is no need to search. You can trust in timing and listen for your cue.

From the "The BIG Picture Book"  series, printed on heavy weight bright white archival art paper with archival pigmented inks.

All sizes include a 1/2" white border. Frames are not included. 

Prints are made to order and can be expected to arrive within 10-15 business days.

Please know that colors will slightly vary from screen to screen.

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